SterJo Facebook Password Finder

SterJo Facebook Password Finder 1.6

Recover forgotten or lost Facebook login information

SterJo Facebook Password Finder can help you regain access to your Facebook account in case you have forgotten the access password. The utility is extremely small and easy to use. In fact, there is not much to do to get your password back. Luckily, it supports various interface languages.

When you run the program, it automatically searches your browser’s data to get the required password. Fortunately, the tool supports the most popular browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Explorer, and Opera. Soon, you get a list including the name of the browser, your login account and the corresponding password. By selecting one of the entries, you can copy the user name or the password to the clipboard. Likewise, it is also possible to export the whole list to a text file.

SterJo Facebook Password Finder can come in handy if you have very limited computer skills, because most advanced users know that all of the browsers mentioned above have a menu entry that lets you get the user names and passwords you use to login to any site that requires authentication. So, the program will not work as expected if you choose not to save your password or you are using a master password to protect the data. Finally, there is nothing to lose if you try the product as it is completely free.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Supports the most popular browsers


  • Cannot work if you chose not to save the login info
  • Cannot work if you use a master password for your browser’s private data
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